What is DDR5 RAM And Should You Buy It?

DDR5 Ram

DDR5 Ram is that the fifth and latest iteration of DDR memory which will succeed DDR4 within the thought market, providing larger information measure, greater bandwidth, accrued capability, and improved power potency.

For Gamers, 2010 has been incredible decades for technological improvements. The decade kicked off with most folks still gaming on 720P with DDR3 memory HDD storage and mostly dual-core CPUs it closed off with AMD pushing the boundaries of the core CPUs.Nvidia turning the dream of 4k gaming into a tangible reality and SSDs firmly setting into the mainstream still no elder scrolls 6 unfortunately but we will be getting DDR5 memory soon so let’s take a moment to discuss that.DDR5 will be superior to DDR4 in every way conceivable but just how much these improvements will impact gaming may surprise you so let’s get to it, shall we…..


First a bit of context the upcoming DDR5 is the latest iteration of DDR sd ram a technology that dates back to 1998 for those of you who may not know this ram is a type of volatile memory that’s used to store imports bits of data that the pc needs to able to access quickly it’s ridiculously fast but because it’s volatile it can only store data while it’s powered the moments you cut the power off everything that was stored on the ram is lost.


DDR5 Ram Vs  DDR4 Ram

DDR5 will improve upon ddr4 in three major areas bandwidth, capacity, and power efficiency as far as bandwidth is concerned DDR5 will support rates up to 6.4 gigabits per second at a stock clock speed, not all modules will be the same of course will be slower others will be faster but we can think of this approximation as a good base lone conversely DDR4 can only support 3.2 gigabits per second. DDR5 will offer increase memory density, especially it will allow for clips four times the density the DDR4 could manage.

In practice, this means you will be able to buy a single ram module that will have 64 gigabytes of memory slap in four of these in the motherboard and you’ll have arms your pc with 256 gigabytes of ram and finally, DDR5 will offer all of these benefits while maintaining lower power consumption the difference in voltage may not appear huge at first glance only going down from 1.2 volts to 1.1 volts and honestly the difference won’t be huge for desktop pc users but for servers working around the clock or portable devices that need to conserve battery life this will be a significant improvement to the overall power efficacy the question now is should buy DDR5 Ram?

Should you buy DDR5 Ram?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the answer right now not because we don’t want to but because you simply can’t buy DDR5 yet even though the technology has been released it hasn’t been made commercially available yet traditionally DDR technologies have not been backward compatible in order to use DDR5 ram you will need to buy a motherboard and a CPU that support this technology and we are still waiting for the CPUs.

DDR5 Ram Release Date

It’s already been confirmed that Intel’s coming eleventh generation Rocket Lake-S CPUs won’t support DDR5 ram because the coming processors will be used on constant Z490 chipset and LGA 1200 socket because of the current tenth generation. Hurray for backward compatibility, though, right? You’ll doubtless get to look ahead to the discharge of its twelfth generation Alder Lake-S chips in 2021/22 after we once more move to a completely new motherboard style. and therefore the same goes for the red team, as DDR5 support can doubtless arrive aboard AMD’s Zen four-processor lineup, which won’t be coming back till 2022.

DDR5 Ram Price

DDr5 is more than likely going to be rather expensive at launch and this is without taking into account any supply issues of which we’ve seen many lately so if yore looking best bang for your buck we simply cannot recommend getting DDR 5.ddr5 is the newest iteration of the DDR sd ram technology that will most likely be commercially available in the 2nd half of 2021 it will offer greater bandwidth increased capacity and better power efficiency than ddr4 the power efficiency will be great for battery-powered devices and bandwidth and capacity will be great for workstations.


However, the average desktop pc gamer won’t be able to fully utilize many of these benefits because games just can’t utilize this much bandwidth or volume as things stand the main reason to get DDR5 ram as soon as it launches is for future-proofing as this will help you to avoid any potential compatibility issues down the line we can’t comment on the performance until we get our hands on DDR5 equipped rig but if the past is any indicator it will take some time before games start demanding DDR5 memory so if you are primarily concerned with value and affordability to keep a clear head and don’t let yourself get swallowed up by the hype that will soon ensue

Should you wait for ddr5 Ram

DDR5 will be more expensive than DDR4 for the first year or two if you go all the way back to even before DDR SDR means DDR1 DDR2 DDR3 DDR4 every single launch cost way more the new stuff for one to two years before it got cheaper means to shoot ddr4 launched in 2014 and it didn’t become a series thing until 2016 on the consumer side because it cost too much in 2016 you could buy 100 series Skylake motherboards that actually took ddr3 because intel made a version that would work both wealth it wouldn’t work both ways but they made a version that would use DDR because DDR4 was so expensive nobody wanted to use it initially it took really until the latter half of 2016 almost into early 2018 almost Ryzen launch then before DDR4 prices came down and then they spiked a bit and then came back down again its really only been this year that DDR4 has been cheap. for more detail visit robinguide.com

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