Outriders Review The Final Verdict

Outriders Review The Final Verdict

Outriders Review The Final Verdict

Outriders a co-op RPG shooter set in a dark original sci-fi universe created by people who can fly. Previously part of the Epic Games Group the studio is renowned for developing world-class shooters like Bulletstorm and the Gears of war series. Humankind is bleeding out in the trenches of Enoch; a once beautiful planet ravaged by a mysterious anomaly, hyper evolving is flora and fauna to purge the virus that is humanity.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict

In other words… Enoch is hell off-Earth.

Leading the colonization advance party, the outriders are devastated by an early storm. While most of the unit is wiped out, you not only survive but are left Altered; something more than human. Now with control over time space and matter, the Outriders have gained access to devastating anomaly energies. Demigods strolling through the battlefield; the tables have most definitely turned.

The most satisfying part of the outsiders is how it enhances its abilities to organically encourage you to play the way it knows you. Even if you were disappointed in a difficult battle, you were more excited to get back in the swing of things than you were ready to leave. His story is ambitious, if there was a mistake in its implementation, but you really didn’t care because gameplay reaches so much of its potential.

With the anomaly flowing through their veins, Outriders have split off into four classes; Each offering a different customizable playstyle and extensive skill tree that while freely respec able, demands hard choices be made.


If you Favour, a devious hit-and-run approach-The Trickster’s manipulation of time and space will be your tastes. Deadly up close, the Trickster will annihilate enemies with spectacular powers, such as the Temporal Slice.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict


If death from a distance is more your thing, the Technomancer combines the anomaly’s powers with technology. Place deadly turrets or realize climate-altering Ares Effect weapons, to take down your foe.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict


The Devastator class is a tank in human form; a biological sledgehammer. Difficult to kill and dangerous to be near, the Devastator’s control of gravity allows for brutal attacks such as the Impale ability or gravity jump.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict


Finally, there’s the pyromancer: a medium-range class equipped to take out multiple targets at once. You may be easy to kill at close range, but you can leach energy from crowds of enemies, or detonate thermal bombs to tear their flesh apart.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict

Anyhow of your choice, confidence is everything on the battlegrounds of Enoch. Each class has its own spin on a healing mechanic, which rewards health for performing certain actions that reinforce the class’s playstyle. So get out of cover, throw yourself headfirst into the fray and think aggressively. The Outrider’s journey will take them beyond humanity’s furthest expiration of Enoch, as they fight to discover the source of a mysterious signal. From the snow-capped heights of Eagle peaks to dense jungle and arid deserts, deadly enemies that have adapted to their environment await.

There’s plenty to discover off the beaten path, too. Outriders are rich with side quests and additional story; you may be pulled into a search and rescue mission, drawn in to investigate a menacing cult, or asked to track and kill hyper-evolved creatures in the wild. Each quest allows you to scavenge for new gear and weapons, to wear or trade with the duplicitous street vendors of humanity’s new settlements, or NPCs in your own convoy. And then, of course, there are armor and weapons mods, which allow you to further tweak your gear with modifiers that can have a dramatic effect on how your abilities play out in combat.

Outriders Review The Final Verdict

Layer in a full crafting system and the staggering depth of Outriders loot system begin to become evident. You’ll need to fully in tune with your gear and abilities if you expect to survive the game’s post-campaign content:


With the level threshold to take part, Expedition is only for the hardiest of Outriders, pitting you against the most lethal adversaries Enoch has to offer. Consider a suicide mission by most your journey through the hellscape of Enoch is made possible thanks to the Outriders convoy, a mobile hub which moves through the words which move through the world, which can be customized with body kits paints jobs and the skull of fallen enemies.

Trophies from battel aren’t worth much if they can’t be shown off. Your convoy will accompany you as join a friend’s game in co-op, where your achievement can get the eyeballs they deserve. This is all just the point of the iceberg. As the Outriders travel further beyond humanity’s reaches, the strange horrific truths of Enoch begin to reveal themselves… visit robinguide.com

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