How To Fix A JavaScript Error On Discord Simple Guide

Fix A JavaScript Error On Discord

“JavaScript error on Discord occurred in this important process” when you usually start to discord on your computer. The error message window usually contains different error information but can hardly be interpreted/elucidate by casual users. People have used many different ways to solve this problem. Ways to perform easily without wasting too much time are usually simple. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and the issue will end at any time. Here’s the easiest way ever to fix the JavaScript fatal error on Discord. Let’s get started

Delete Discord Files In Localappdata & Appdata

Permanently stores temporary data on a discord PC that helps it run properly or, in our case, causes defects. In order to drive discord clearly about bootup without JavaScript error or any other issue, in this case, we need to delete these files.

  • Close Discord by accessing the Task Manage
  • The Next Step right-click on the Windows start menu icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop
  • In the bottom left contextual menu that just appeared, selects” Run.”
  • In the small ”Run” window, enter ”%appdata%” and click on the ”Run” button below.

 JavaScript Error On Discord

  • Window Explorer that opens, locate the folder named ”Discord”. Right-click on the folder and click ”Delete” in the contextual menu list
  • Return to the Start menu of your device and load up ‘’Run’’ once more
  • Type ‘’%localappdata%’’ in the field and enter ‘’Run’’.
  • Find the ‘’Discord’’ folder in your device and delete it by right-clicking on it and then selecting ‘’Delete’’.Relaunch the Discord setup file in your device and follow the steps provided by the installation wizard.

Run Discord without Administrator Privileges & Fix A JavaScript Error On Discord

Some users have noticed that the application actually works whenever they are not logged in using their administrator account. This leads us to believe that the real problem with the tool is administrator permissions. It is not always the best idea to run random programs as an administrator and various users have reported that running Discord without administrator permissions actually fixed the problem for them.

Search discord executable and change its features and select properties either by right-clicking on its entry on desktop, start menu, or search result window. Go to the compatibility TAB in the properties window and uncheck the next box to run this program as an administrator option before applying the changes.

Make sure you confirm any dialogue that may come up to you to confirm your changes and discord should launch from now on without the privilege of admin Open it by double-clicking on its icon and try to see if the error still appears/emerge.

JavaScript Error On Discord

Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

Installing is one of the most important ways of this article because this solution has worked for many people who are struggling with this problem. This solution is common but if you want to reset your discard installation and make it work again every step must be followed correctly.

  • First, make sure you’re logged in with an administrator account because you won’t be able to delete programs using another account.
  • Click the start menu and open the control panel by searching it.
  •  Alternatively, if you are using Windows 10, you can click the cog icon to open the Settings.

JavaScript Error On Discord

  • In the control panel, select to view as classified in the top right corner and click uninstall a program under the programs section.
  • If you are using the Settings app, click on the applications on your computer that should immediately open a list of all the programs you have installed. Search discord in the control panel or setting and click uninstall.
  • Discords uninstall wizard should be opened, which will make you choose “remove discard completely on your computer”. Yes choose from When the uninstalling process is complete then click finish.

JavaScript Error On Discord

Using Discord PTB

Discord PTB discard’s test is beta blood, you can download it from the official discard website. It will install and work as discord should have its own data and it will not interact with your usual recurrence.

Final Words

These are the most common ways to determine that an annoying javascript error that you sometimes find when trying to use or install a discord. It’s not just javascript that these methods will also be fine. If you have a problem related to discard, follow these steps, and nine out of ten times, the problem will be solved. visit

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