How To Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses | Unlock Them

How To Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses

How To Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses “Dressed to the Nines” trophy

One of the most memorable quests in the original Final Fantasy 7 was collecting the pieces of a dress so that Cloud could sneak into Don Corner’s mansion as a woman along with Aerith. It was weird wacky and in some ways epitomizes the seventh entry in the series. And while this cross-dressing sequence is still in the 7 Remake there is one significant change to it. Each girl and this includes Cloud can wear something different making for 9 dresses in total this is even tied to a Trophy! But how do you actually get these dresses for TIFA, AERTIC’S, and CLOUD?

Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses

Let start with Tifa as she’s is the first to appear in the game. In chapter 3 Cloud will arrive in the sector 7 slums and meet his childhood friend. it’s then that she shows him around the neighborhood and gives advice on how to help people and grow his reputation as a mercenary. Once you complete all of these sidequests a special scene can be accessed where Cloud and Tifa talk in her room.

Cloud and Tifa talk in her room.

There she’ll mention going out on the town with him and ask what kind of dress he thinks suits her The choice you make will determine the type of dress she wears when going to see Don Corneo all the way in chapter 9. But before that, we have to determine what dress Aerith will wear when it comes time to meet Don Corneo.

This decision is made in Chapter 8 and is far less obvious. The type of dress Aerith will wear is based on the number of sidequests completed in the Sector 5 slums. Doing all 6 grants her the best dress doing only 3 is her average dress while doing none of them is how you’ll eventually receive her plainest and final dress. And that just leaves Cloud which is determined in Chapter 9.

Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses

As you go to Don Corneo’s mansion the first time you’ll spot johnny running in the opposite direction. If you talk to him the sidequests Burning Thighs A Dynamite body and the party never stops will eventually be unlocked while Aerith is being fitted for her dress. This will net Cloud his first dress.

Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses

Find Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Dresses

However, if you ignore Johnny completely and pay for the best massage from Madame M a different set of quests will be available: burning Thighs the price of Thievery and shears Counterattack. This is how cloud receives his second dress. The third dress can only be obtained if all of the sidequests are ignore and you head straight for Madame M’s.

That’s how all 9 dresses are found in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It may take 3 playthroughs but remember that after you complete the game Chapter selection will be made available. However, the choices will only be locked in place if the chapter they’re in is finished. It’s just a matter of patience at that point.visit

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