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How to Choose Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

To an inexperienced builder, the case may appear as simply a housing unit the sole purpose of which is to hold the other pieces of hardware without any other aspects to it worth noting except perhaps that it can also look kind of cool sometimes.

Now you may be thinking that this is an overly caricatured portrayal of the novice builders perception of computer cases and you’d be absolutely right but unfortunately, it’s also a state of mind to which even some more experienced builders are more than willing to default back to if they’re pinching for pennies.

However, the case can add so much more to a gaming experience than you might realize, and more importantly, it can take away from the experience as well so you need to pay attention to what each case has to offer that’s the way in this article we’ll be going over all of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a case for your pc gaming or otherwise so without any further ado let’s Begin

Size and form factor

We’ll start with the most obvious factor the size all PC cases are unique in one way or another but they are generally based on one of the following four modes small form factor mini-tower mid tower and full tower. naturally, the size of the case will decide which hardware pieces can and cannot fit into the set case but it is important to point out that these four form factors are all built around only a single piece of hardware then motherboard.

Small form factor cases can only accommodate mini ITX motherboards. many towers have enough room to fit a micro ATX motherboard mid towers are made for ATX motherboards and full Towers are needed if you’ve got your set on that ATX motherboard.

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

Now each of these form factors can also be used to install a smaller motherboard meaning that you can use a  motherboard of any size and a full tower anything except an e ATX motherboard and a mid-tower and so on.

The comparability can some go in the opposite direction as well for example there are certain mid towers that can fit even an EHE EX motherboard but these are the exception and not the rule, aside from which motherboard they support these terms like mini-tower mid-tower and so on hold on no guarantee of being able to support a certain graphics cards or a cooler so always double-check to see that the case you’re buying is indeed large enough for your graphics card and CPU cooler to fit.

The most important factor to check for when it comes to graphics cards is the length but the height is also becoming more crucial than ever due to the popularity of bulky gaming graphics cards with massive fans, as for CPU coolers, the most important measurement to take is the height, since large tower coolers may not fit inside a compact case and if you’re looking to install a liquid cooling solution you’ll need to make sure that the case has adequate radiator support.

Components like ram SSDs HDDs and optical drives generally aren’t affected by the size of the case except that smaller cases will be able to carry fewer of each pay extra attention to the specs sheet if you’re looking to buy a case that has support for an optical drive, as you will be needed to have a five and a quarter-inch drive bay a component that is slowly but surely being phased out of modern gaming cases.

If you’ve already bought a computer case only to discover it doesn’t contain an optical drive bay don’t beat yourself up over it there are many excellent optical drives that connect to your PC via USB and that won’t set you back more than 25$.

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

Finally, consider the power supply you will be using most PC cases use the standard ATX power supplies but many small form factor cases can only fit the more compact SFX power supplies other PSU formats do exist but these are the only two you need to know about if you’re building a desktop PC with all of that said we generally recommend mid towers to users who don’t require a compact or a portable case they offer plenty of space which not only makes it easier to fit all the components properly but also allows for easier cleaning and better airflow.

The full tower is generally more expensive so it’s best to buy them only if you’re planning on making good use of the extra space and while many towers and small form factor cases offer unparalleled degrees of portability they come with some distinct disadvantages such  a being more difficult to manage not having enough room to fit all of the components and generally running louder because of the stifling airflow so if you don’t plan on lugging your case around with you do yourself a favor and get a mid-tower


Now we come to an aspect of modern gaming cases many of you aren’t even aware of and that’s modularity, granted it’s not for everyone but being able to add and remove parts such as trays covers mounts, and so on will inject a large dose of flexibility and customizability to an otherwise unchanging pc component excessive modularity is generally seen as overkill but we still recommend you check out what the market has to offer before committing yourself to the constricting designs of non-modular cases.

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

Not all of them resemble abstract pieces of modern art in fact many offer a tasteful design that you wouldn’t really guess is modular at all also did you know that controls on the front of the case need not be limited to just the standard couple of USB ports plus the headphone and microphone jacks some cases features an arsenal of cool features in addition to these bare essentials like heat monitor and LCD panels fans controllers volume controls clocks lighting controllers and so much more and if building a high-end PC with loads of fans that will all be running at the same time consider buying a soundproof case.

The wearing of fans may be easy to ignore at first but it can quickly turn into an unwanted distraction none of these features modular or otherwise are necessary for a case to do its job well and indeed the large majority of PC user’s will be more than content with their non-modular case that only has the standard viewports on the front but we wanted to make this section to illustrate just a few ways in which cases can be made to accomplish so much more than simply hold the hardware pieces like an old box.


Speaking of boxes it is crucial that your case offers better airflow than the standard shipping piece of cardboard do we say this because there are some cases that don’t manage to accomplish this much and can easily double as baking ovens when the system is under heavy load.

Generally speaking, modern cases tend to adopt a design that facilitates proper ventilation but many can still benefit from the additional kick that a case mounted fan or two can provide in fact we recommend installing at least one or ideally two cases mounted fans even in cases with excellent ventilation as this is the best way to increase the overall airflow, a pc with great airflow will run more quietly dissipate heat more efficiently and may even draw a bit less power.

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

How many fans months the case support will depend on the size of the case as will the size of these mounts. smaller cases mostly stick to a few hundred and twenty millimeters and two hundred and forty millimeters mounts but larger ones will not only support more Mounts but sometimes even bigger ones.

The same pretty much goes for liquid cooling support only instead of fans we have radiators. larger cases will have the room necessary to support more and larger radiator mounts which will allow for a more expensive cooling set-up as we’ve said manufacturers have gotten pretty good at designing cases with good airflow but you can still find a lot of older models being sold models that were made before such a large emphasis was being placed on the essential property and while these models will generally affordable they will invariably end up doing more harm than good. so make sure to do proper research before deciding on which PC case is the right for you instead of just letting the prices tick take your decision.


Like it or not PC building has evolved from a strictly practical matter to one that concerns itself just as much with aesthetic. A glass of course goes well with RGB lighting but there will always be cases with clean and honest assuming black exteriors for those who prefer a more inconspicuous approach as well as cases with aggressive angular designs that have become synonymous with the term gaming and since tastes vary so much.

We don’t feel that we have anything to add to this except perhaps to shed some light on how the aesthetic of the exterior can affect airflow, for example, you may think that all simple cases have excellent airflow but some actually sacrifice airflow for the sake of their nondescript aesthetic one such case would be the thermal take versa H17 now thermal take H17 is still a perfectly functional case we aren’t dissing on it.

How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming PC Cases

Here if you’re looking for a good and best budget gaming pc cases that perform quite admirably its definitely a strong contender but generally speaking cases with a meshed front is way better for performance-oriented buyers so this may be a reason to opt for another case if you’re looking to men max your performance like a D&D player who rolls for stats at hone as you can see even something as unassuming as the design of the front panel can have an effect on the overall performance of the case. so you should think about the aesthetics of the case even if you don’t really care about how it looks.

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Build quality & price

All the features we’ve talked about so far will have a role to play when determining the overall price now this may lead you to believe that you can get a pretty decent case no matter the price so long as it’s non-modular and lacks any additional features like the one’s we’ve mentioned both practical and aesthetic but the problem with many cheap cases is they simply suffer from poor built quality more than anything else

This can manifests in the form of poorly design infrastructure for cable management insufficient rigidity in the chassis sharp edges lack thumbscrews and so much more and of course we mustn’t forget the airflow that’s more likely than not going to be very poor so even if you don’t care about aesthetic or extra features you’d be doing yourself a disservice by picking up a 25 dollar case.

In fact, performance-oriented gamers might have it harder since the case that has amazing exteriors and extra features more often than not tend to be more expensive cases that have at least a serviceable if not excellent build quality but distinguished a good inconspicuous case among the sea of rubbish can be much more challenging luckily there’s one aspect of the case that can often be used as a good estimate of quality the price.

Final Words

Now buying a computer case isn’t ban exact science but we found the cases around the 60$ range generally strike the best balance between affordability and quality conversely anything that cheaper than 40$ without discount is most likely not going to do your PC any good and if you simply can’t afford to fit a $50 or 60 $ case into your budget then its time to go discount hunting there is no shortage of computer case manufacturer releasing new models to us year after year and with such a competitive market the consumer is always treated to good models at decent discounts. visit

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