Hollow Knight SilkSong Release Date, Trailer Rumors & lot More.

Hollow Knight SilkSong

This is all the current information we have on Hollow Knight SilkSong, including the release date, trailer, and all the latest news and rumors

When the hollow knight first released in 2017, no one knew it would become one of the best-selling indie games of the year, winning several awards and attracting the audience community

The 2d game Metroidvania on bugs was created by team cherry, a small three-person studio based in South Australia

Following the success of Hollow Knight, Team Cherry began working on Hornet, an expansion of the DLC that was originally a consistent goal for Hollow Knight and planned to add another viable role to the base game.

We are here to cover everything you need to know about the upcoming stand-alone title, including details of the story and game, as well as some popular rumors circulating online.

Who Is Hornet?

Hornet princess protector of Hal insists on herself alone in a vast unknown world. She must fight enemies seeking allies and solve mysteries as she sends out on a deadly pilgrimage to the top of the kingdoms united by her lineage and guided by the echoes of their past Hornet will venture through the coral forests of the mossy grottoes and shining Citadel to unveil a deadly threat that threatens this strange new land

Hollow Knight SilkSong

Hollow Knight SilkSong Release Date

Hollow Knight SilkSong currently has no official release date However The game is currently not available for pre-order

Hollow Knight SilkSong was announced in February 2019 via a reveal trailer. The game is a sequel to Hollow Knight and the second project to come from Team Cherry although online speculation points to a possible release in June 2021

Upon release, the game will be available for PC, MAC, Linux, and Nintendo switch. The cherry team has said they have no news of other versions at this time, but since the first hollow knight finally arrived on ps4 and Xbox one, they expect Hollow Knight SilkSong to do the same.

Hollow Knight SilkSong

Hollow Knight SilkSong Story

Hollow knight: SilkSong follows hornet, a role that players first met and competed in the game after it ended in the Kingdom of Pharloom. The players follow him as they ascend the kingdom, they reach a castle, and what is possible beyond. While the team is putting a lot of cherry story details below the reps, developers told edge magazine that hornet is going to play a very descriptive role

SilkSong is not just a clever insect’s adjacent title cooked by team cherry. It is related to the new sequence of live play, a currently unknown empire where both silk and song order. It is here that the journey of hornet begins to escape arrest.

Hollow Knight SilkSong

The game has a hornet attempting to reach the top of the kingdom, where he awaits a brilliant citadel. Along the way, you will encounter a variety of new characters and more than 150 new enemies in several different locations, such as coral forests, moss-covered caves, foggy cities, and more. As the story progresses, the player will be revealed more information about the haunted kingdom and the hornet’s purpose.

Hollow Knight SilkSong Gameplay like?

Like the first game, Hollow Knight: SilkSong is a Metroidvania that presents a wide world for players to explore. Players complete missions and gain new abilities over the course of the adventure that not only completes Hornet’s move set but also opens up new areas. While SilkSong is similar to the first game in that regard, team cherry emphasizes the fact that the hornet’s size and abilities make the game feel very different.

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The developers explained to Edge magazine that “Hornet being bigger changes everything” because it moves faster, jumps higher, mantles, and climbs the ledges. Hornet also relies more on physical attacks and combat abilities, rather than on the magic with which players became familiar in the first game. Hornets can also be treated with a capability called Bind, although this ability is slow to use.

Hollow Knight SilkSong

Hornet also uses shrapnel from enemies she killed to make tools to help her in combat. Some of the abilities mentioned by Edge include a Pimpillo bomb that has a large area of effect for damage, puncture fragments to extend the spikes when they are hit, straight pins that can be thrown from a distance to injure enemies. Hornets can use tools via ridges, which are loads of customizable tools.

Hollow Knight SilkSong Characters

The concept of climbing higher and higher to reach the citadel is an intentional reversal of Hollow Knight’s story, centered on a deeper dive into the kingdom of Hallownest. In addition, Hornet itself has several key differences that set it apart from the protagonist of the previous game.

On the other hand, she was introduced to Hollow Knight as having the ability to speak, which seems to have been retained for SilkSong. Since Hornet is already an established character, she also comes with her personality traits, for better or for worse, while Hollow Knight was more of a blank canvas. This change can lead to interactions with other characters that unfold in very different ways from before and affect Silksong’s overall tone.

Hollow Knight SilkSong

Although the story of the game is not known, Team Cherry has provided an update that provides additional details on some characters that we can expect to see in the final game.

The DLC it is confirmed that the game will be available for the Nintendo switch in PC, Xbox-One, and PS4 version could be released in the future, we know there will be a lot of content and is for the details we going to see the boss characters such as the Moss mother, Sharpe, lace, and Carmelita also we will see tons of enemies as we have already seen in the trailer.

Final words about Hollow Knight SilkSong

With Hollow Knight SilkSong, Team Cherry seeks to build on its already stellar reputation for publishing long experiences for a fraction of the price we see in AAA titles with similar amounts of content. The studio’s dedication to its fans and to producing its absolute best work makes Silksong’s expectations a little more bearable and worth it. It remains to be seen whether or not the game can live up to the hype and standards put in place by the former.

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